Zoey Oakley
Zoey Oakley RL
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender Female
Height 4'11
Weapon Ax, Throwing Ax, Battle Ax
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
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Name: Zoey Oakley

Gender: Female

District: 7

Age: 14

Weapon: Ax, Throwing Ax, Battle Ax

Appearance: Zoey has some cute freckles across her nose. She has blonde hair normally tied up and has green eyes. She normally looks happy.

Strengths/skills: Zoey is skilled with all the types axes, using them all with great skill. She is very fast, outrunning most others. She is also an excellent climber, being from 7.

Weakness(es): Zoey cannot swim and will panic if her head goes under the water. She is only good with axes, not being good with any other types of weapons.

Personality: Zoey is nice and cheery, and very eccentric. She is always grinning, and she can be loving if she wants.

Backstory/History: Zoey was the youngest of 3, having an older broher, John Oakley, who was 17, and Jessa Oakley, who was 19. She learned to climb trees very well, and worked with axes. One day she fell in one of the ponds when she was 12, and she sank like a rock. She panicked and tried to swim but couldn't, as she nearly drowned. Lucky for her, she quickly grabbed onto a log and climbed out. She returned home, shaking very cold. She caught the flu, and got sicker every day. Her family tried to get money for a doctor, when John finally got a doctor. She almost died, but she recovered, and her family thought everything was good... when she turned fourteen. She was reaped, and looked very scared as she was escorted up to the stage, shaking from fear, teeth chattering.

Interview Angle: She will act mysterious to go with her interview costume.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will go for an ax and try to escape unharmed.

Games Strategy: She will stay in the trees.

Token: Necklace.

Height: 4'11

Fears: Drowning, dying of Flu.

Alliance: Anti Careers, Eli Winersin and Eliza Herader


Eliza Herader: Best friend of in the games if she is in them.

Eli Winersin: Ally and lover, they both have feelings for each other that get stronger as the games progress.