Zoey Lancaster
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Weapon Sword, Throwing Knives
Fate Varies
Appearances Various games
Mentioned Various Games
"I shiver, and snuggle closer to him, trying to keep warm."
―Zoey during the FREEZING games.[src]
Zoey is a tribute who is a friend and possible lover to Matt Hamil.


Name: My name is Zoey Lancaster.

Gender: I'm a girl.

District: My home district is 5.

Age: I am 16 years old.

Weapon: I prefer to use a sword over other weapons, but I'm pretty adept with throwing knives too.

Appearance: I guess you could say I'm kinda cute, but I'll let you decide. I have long brown hair and beautiful silver eyes. I'm also five foot four. 

Strengths/skills: 'I have very strong lungs, meaning I can hold my breath for a good long while. 'I am accurate with my attacks, I rarely miss. I am also a very fast runner and swimmer.

Weakness(es): I am not the best at climbing. I can't really make any useful traps either.

Personality: I am very aggressive, but don't fear me, because I do have a sweet side no one knows about. 

Backstory/History: I grew up in District 5 were my parents were out fighting in a district rebellion. I was 10 when they were killed, so I was moved into my bigger cousins house. He didn't regard me as much, but he let me walk freely around District 5. I met a boy named Matt Hamil who said he had been moved to this district because of a crime he didn't, and that he would make sure the boy who did it would pay. We found a way to go outside the fence, and we did. I saw things I thought I would never see before. Matt took me to a lake, where he taught me how to swim. I got good enough that I became better at it. He tried showing me how to climb, but I fell and sprained my wrist. I was so eager to meet up with Matt and go across the fence... when I noticed the chink had been repaired. I tried to find Matt, before a peacekeeper grabbed me and said that today was reaping day. I tried to make a run for it, but he had me in a chokehold. I saw Matt run out and get the peacekeeper off of me before brutally beating him, when 4 others grabbed him and drug him over to the reaping. "MATT NO!" I screamed out, before 4 grabbed me and forced me onto the reaping. The cruel head peacekeeper pointed a gun at my head, and told me to volunteer or he would shoot. I knew I had to, so I did.

Interview Angle: I will be very shy.

Bloodbath Strategy: I will run for what I need.

Games Strategy: I will try to wait out the games.

Token: N/A

Height: 5'4

Fears: I am very scared of heights.

Alliance: I will ally with Matt.