Volts WattEdit

Name: Volts Watt

District: 3

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: If I asked somebody to describe Volts, they would say "Who's that?" Volts is shy, and you rarely ever see him or hear about him. He is extremely smart for his age.

Appearance: Volts is very small, and looks like a typical nerd. He is 4'11", and has black hair, green eyes, and chiseled features. He always wears a white golf shirt with a green pocket and jeans. He wears glasses, and always has wires in his shirt pocket.

Backstory: Volts lived a normal life, and never had anything unnormal happen to him, as the most tragic thing that's ever happened to him is severe bullying.

Strengths: Agility, speed and intelligence

Weakness: Inability to detect weaknesses of others, physical strength, Eyesight

Games InformationEdit

Interview angle: intelligent

Reaped or volunteered: Reaped

Bloodbath Strategy: RUN!!!!!!!!

Games Stratgy: Stay alive, and stay out of the action. Hunt for food. Stay out of fights. Only use his engineering skills when nessesary.

Weapons: Wire, Bow & Arrow

Token: A homemade necklace made out of wires

Allies: None, or him and his district partner.

Games and StatisticsEdit


14th Hunger Games-

325th- Wasn't exactly a strong character, made no kills, victor.


Highest Placing: 1st

Lowest Placing: 1st

Highest Training Score: 4

Lowest Training Score: 4

Highest Odds: 50-1

Lowest Odds: 50-1


  • Volts is the smartest kid his age in all of District 3.
  • Volts is legally blind in his left eye
  • Volts is triplets with his brother, James, and his sister, Sissy.