Vivian Rores
Vivan Rores
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home Capitol, District 2
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weapon Trident, Sickle
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Vivian
"I'll sit calmly in the pool, holding my breath as I watch the other tributes pass by. When they're gone, I'll surface. And when I do, I'll exhale, and surface, and be happy I'm alive."
―Vivian's strategy for hiding during the bloodbath[src]
Vivian Rores is a natural in the water world. 


Name: Vivian Rores

Gender: Female

District: Capitol, 2

Age: 16

Weapon: Trident, Sickle

Appearance: Vivian has long hair which goes down to her butt, as seen in the picture. She is skinnier than average. Her bright blue eyes behind a pink mask is what you'll probably see if you face her underwater.

Strengths/skills: Vivian is an excellent breathholder, holding her breath for nearly up to 3 minutes. She is also very fast, due to her being skinny.

Weakness(es): She can only hide in water.

Personality: Vivian is more of an outcasty kind of girl, but will prove herself as a decent tribute to the career alliance. If someone brings up the topic of swimming, she'll talk about her record breathholiding times.

'Backstory/History: Vivian was always looked upon by the guys of her district. They were always hoping to catch her in a swim suit, but she swam in her indoor pool, keeping away from prying eyes. Her mom called her to dinner, as she exited her pool. Her mom was concerned that all she did was want to swim in private and not sociliaze. She invited the Candys over. They were nice people, and the youngest of them, Flora, shared the same hobby as Vivian. The two decided to go to the pool and leave Vivian's mom and the Candys to talk. Flora looked over, and asked how deep the pool was. Vivian said 13 feet. Flora became excited, and jumped in. Vivian rolled her eyes and smiled, diving in after her. They splashed water at each other, until Flora challenged Vivian to a breathholding contest. Vivian got out two swim masks, a pink one for herself and a purple one for Flora. 'They both went under. Flora watched how Vivian kept her eyes closed to stay relaxed. Around 2 minutes, Vivian released a bubble or two. Flora released a good amount, and surfaced. Vivian congratulated Flora. All was well... but the games were coming. And with games meant reaping.

Interview Angle: Unknown

Bloodbath Strategy: She will hide under a large body of water until she can't hold her breath any longer, before surfacing and regrouping with her allies.

Games Strategy: She will ditch the careers with Flora in the middle of the games.

Token: A caribou? Nope.

Height: 5'7

Fears: Losing games.

Alliance: Careers, Flora Candy