Hi, this is a weekly tribute award that will go out to creative tributes. It's currently being run by Pippycat (Bee), and for the first week it was up was run by Amberroseclan (Izzy/Christina).

The tribute of the week will be chosen regularly on Fridays, so I will have enough time to look around this wiki for a good tribute to nominate. I won't nominate my own tribute, only other users' tributes.

Tribute of the Week - May 12-19Edit

And this weeks tribute of the Week is.....
Savannah Darnell RL

Savannah Darnell!Edit


District: 9


Weapons: Blowgun

Why she was chosen: I picked her cause she is so young and she lives so long in games. I also think she is adorable. Her and her allies Bee and Nathan are so sweet to her to, overall thats basicly why I chose her! Congrats to Pippycat!!!

Tribute of the Week - June 16-20Edit

To be decided