The Masked alliance is an alliance consisting of 5 members, 4 females, and 1 male.

The MembersEdit

Leader: Trinity Emerald, a beautiful girl who is very clever and knows how to lead her alliance well. She makes the decisions and what they should do to survive.

The Muscle: Eli Winersin, a dashing 14 year old boy who is strong and knows how to fight well. He fights the opponents that his allies can't, and will always be the first in the fray.

The Scout: Sylvia Emerald, a pretty 15 year old girl who is very fast and is good at swimming. She speeds to get items the other alliance members are too slow to get.

The Climber: Eliza Herader, an adorable 14 year old girl who can climb very well. She can spot enemies coming towards the alliance and warn them of the location of their enemies.

The Diver: Anne Flinch, a pretty blonde 14 year old girl who can hold her breath the longest and dive the deepest. She is the best swimmer of the group, and best at fishing.

The Brains: Aura Keyes, an adorable redhead 13 year old girl who has the most book smarts of the alliance. She can work technology and rewire arena traps for her allies.

Why they're called what they are.Edit

They are called the mask alliance for one reason.

  1. All of the members (except Eli) wear swim masks and normally are sponsored with them.

The Alliances BannerEdit

The Alliance banner is a picture of an ocean storm, with the motto "We will win this thing, masked or not"

Offical Banner

The Banner

The Members Pictures (normal)Edit

This is all the members of the alliance without their masks.

The Member's Pictures (masked)Edit

The members of the alliance with their masks on. (It would be appreciated if you could find one for Eli)