1. There will be no rule such as one male and female for each district.
  2. No Mary-sue or God- Like tributes
  3. You may only enter 5 tributes
  4. When your tribute dies dont be mad


Twist 1: It has many disasters

Twist 2: The whole arena is made out of water

Twist 3: There will be islands... but if you stay on them to long you explode


The whole arena is made out of water


The waves are enormez and they dont come on land though



Name Age District Gender Weapons Allies User
Sylvia Emerald 15 1 Female Mace/Bow/Sword Masked Alliance YourFavoriteSalmon
Trinity Emerald 17 1 Female Mace/ Dagger/ Sword Masked Allience YourFavoriteSalmon
Scarlet Scarface 19 2 Female Mace/Spear/Throwing Axes and Knives Careers Amberroseclan
Raven Goth 16 2 Female Throwing Axes Careers Amberroseclan
Amber Burn 13 3 Female Mace/ Sword/ Bow Bee Clio(7)/Nathan Scarface(9)/ Savannah Darnell(9) Pippycat
Aura Keyes 13 3 Female Axe/ Sword/ Throwing Axe Masked Alllience YourFavoriteSalmon
Coral Oceanside 16 4 Female Spear/Net Careers A Wiki Contributer
Shark Island 17 4 Male Trident/ Sickle Careers A Wiki Contributer
Electrik Sparks 16 5 Male Electric Powers/Mace/Spear Careers Amberroseclan
Electrica Sparks 18 5 Female Electric Powers/ Bow/Throwing Axes and Knives Careers Amberroseclan
Kaitlin Onley 13 6 Female Dagger Capital P Alliance MrSwagYOLO29
Madeline Lee 14 6 Female Knife Capital P Alliance MrSwagYOLO29
Emily Link 16 7 Female Axe Grace Link(7) Amberroseclan
Grace Link 16 7 Female Bow Emily Link(7) Amberroseclan
Bee Clio 14 7 Female Axe Savannah Darnell(9)/ Nathan Scarface(9)/ Amber Burn(3) Pippycat
Thread Englesberg 17 8 Male Knife, Sword Bow & Arrow Capital P Alliance MrSwagYOLO29
Savannah Darnell 10 9 Female Blowgun/ Throwing Knives/ Double sided Knife Bee Clio(7)/ Nathan Scarface(9)/ Amber Burn(3) Pippycat
Nathan Scarface 14 9 Male Daggers/ Throwing Knives Savannah Darnell(9)/ Bee Clio(7)/ Amber Burn(3) Amberroseclan
Eliza Herder 14 10 Female Axe/ Bow/ Dagger Masked Allience YourFavoriteSlamon
Eli Winerson 14 10 Male Dagger/Axe/ Bow Masked Allience YourFavoriteSalmon
Shelt Mann 18 11 Male Strength Capital P Alliance MrSwagYOLO29
Tulip Durn 12 11 Female None Capital P Alliance MrSwagYOLO29