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Hello everyone, and welcome to the 1st Epic Games. Adventure, Betrayal and Death will be prevail during the Games of Random Chance


-Two Tributes per district

- Maximum Six Tributes for each user

- All events in this game are created by RANDOM CHANCE!! Which means anything, from training scores and the victors are chosen at random. This is to ensure that no bias will occur during the games.

- Don't cry when your tribute dies, you can use them again in other games, right?

- On a side note, I'm putting both my tributes in the games, but I'm not going to be biased towards them.

-Also, I'll be linking your tributes directly to their pages for their information

-User for that Tribute will be in brackets beside their name

-Also, I'm hoping to have a Lunaii of everyone so that it will be easier to see what the Tributes look like:


Entry for the Games is OPEN, two tributes per district.

District 1 Tributes CLOSED:

Carolin Slate

Jake Locketback

District 2 Tributes CLOSED:

Justine Callahan (Summer bee 13)

Thalia Grant (YourFavoriteSalmon)

District 3 Tributes:

Milo Evans (Summer bee 13)

District 4 Tributes CLOSED:

Nick Flower

Jenna Kirk

District 5 Tributes CLOSED:

Honeysickle Ash

Matt Hamil (YourFavoriteSalmon)

District 6 Tributes:

Jason Buick (YourFavoriteSalmon)

District 7 Tributes:

Whitney Grey (Pippycat)

District 8 Tributes:

Isabella Cloth (YourFavoriteSalmon)

District 9 Tributes CLOSED:

Amber Portwood (Summer bee 13)

Allen Postline

District 10 Tributes:

Flandre Evans (Pippycat, originally District 4, but moved Districts at owner's request)

District 11 Tributes:

Quinn Aites (Pippycat)

District 12 Tributes:

Celicia Fen (Pippycat)

Lunnaii of the TributesEdit


Training ScoresEdit