124 years of the Hunger Games, and it's time for the 125th Hunger Games this year. But these are no ordinary Games, of course. This year is a Quarter Quell.

These are my Tribute Games, which means it is basically a story I write on here, not a Games.

Note: I may or may not be able to continue these


Hi, Pippycat here. You may be wondering why I called this a "Tribute Games", and why it's my first, but to be honest, I had no idea what else to call it, so yeah. :3 This is the first Games where I will write the story and characters all on my own.

But there is a point where you guys come in. You can sponsor tributes, change their odds of winning, and help me decide who is the first victor of a Games with only my tributes in it. To be honest, I want at least one person to comment on who they think will win, and help me, cuz I have no idea how I would do this on my own, killing off my own tributes against my own tributes.

How to HelpEdit

If you want to sponsor a tribute: Look at the sponsoring section, and you will see how much stuff costs and which tributes have how much money. Tell me who you want to sponsor and with what, and bam. Tributes will earn more money for kills and stuff.

If you want to change their odds: This is the confusing one. If you read the tributes profiles and stuff which will get posted below, you can see which tributes you will think win and which ones you think will lose. 

If you think a tribute will win, say -1 to their odds, because higher odds are better.

If you think they will lose, say +1 to their odds, because higher odds are worse.

You can add or subtract one or two to their odds, depending on how good you think they are. :3

Alliances: You can say if you think two or three tributes should ally together, and I will think about it. :3


Well, I honestly have no idea what this twist will represent for the districts, except this, to make sure the rules fit my tributes:

  • Tributes will be Reaped from odd-numbered districts
  • All tributes will be female (don't worry I'm working on coming up with some male tributes)
  • One tribute will be 10 years old O_O (Don't worry again, she is 12 on her profile but here she will be 10)
  • Two tributes will be Reaped from 1 district, and 4 from another district 



Sleeping Bag: $70

Matches: $15

Blanket: $35

20oz Water Bottle: $50

Rope: $60

Flashlight: $60


Sword: $60

Dagger: $40

8 Throwing Knives: $55

Bow with 14 arrows: $60

Crossbow with 14 bolts: $65

Spear: $50

Slingshot: $40

Normal knife: $30

Blowgun with 14 darts: $65

Mace: $60


First Aid Kit: $100

Bandages: $90

Antipoison: $110

Burn Medicine: $20


Bread: $45

4 Pieces of Friut: $50

Quart of milk: $55

Chicken Breasts: $45

Sponsoring Table

Name District Money Left Items Owned/That They Have Dead or Alive?
Candy Orenson 1 $200 Crossbow, backpack Alive
Seraphina Oaks 3 -- -- Dead
Amethyst Glow 5 $200 Sword, backpack Alive
Bee Clio 7 $200 Axe, backpack Alive
Spring Rose 7 -- -- Dead
Amity Rose 7 -- -- Dead
Fawn Rose 7 $200 None Alive
Scarlet Burn 9 -- -- Dead
Savannah Darnell 9 $200 Throwing knives, backpack Alive
Lacey Despin 11 -- -- Dead
Amber Burn 13 $200 Backpack Alive


Odds will change throughout the Games, and I will give them an odds to start off with. Here is the key:

11-11: Everyone else might as well curl up and die

10-11: They're gonna win...

9-11: They have a really good chance

8-11: They will survive for a long time

7-11: They'll make it for a while

6-11: They have a chance

5-11: Not a very good chance, but...

4-11: They won't make it past the bloodbath

3-11 or lower: They will die...

This Year's TributesEdit

Name Age District Weapons Allaince Training Score Odds
Candy Orenson 15 1 Crossbow, spear, mace Scarlet(9) 10 11-11
Sraphina Oaks 15 3 Sword, dagger, fire Alone 9 --
Amethyst Glow 15 5 Blowgun, sword, ax Alone 7 --
Bee Clio 14 7 Axe, throwing knives, spear Savannah(9) 8 10-11
Spring Rose 16 7 Throwing knives, spear, crossbow Amity(7), Fawn(7) 8 --
Amity Rose 14 7 Knife, throwing axe, dagger Spring(7), Fawn(7) 5 --
Fawn Rose 12 7 Throwing knives, bow, dagger Spring(7), Amity(7) 3 --
Scarlet Burn 15 9 Spear, traps, bow Candy(1) 9 --
Savannah Darnell 10 9 Blowgun, knives Bee(7) 2 9-11
Lacey Despin 12 11 Bow, knives, slingshot Alone 5 --
Amber Burn 13 13 Mace, spear, bow Alone 7 8-11

Tribute 'Profiles':Edit

Candy Orenson:

Srengths: Using weapons, stealth, night vision


Reasons She Might Win: I have trained for a long time, am good with weapons, and manipuative

Seraphina Oaks:

Srengths: Climbing, making people like her, making people forget her

Weaknesses: Sympathetic, fast decision making

Reasons She Might Win: I previously lived in District 2 and trained for this, I can climb, and can make good shelter

Amethyst Glow:

Strengths: Stealth, speed, swimming and climbing

Weaknesses: Pain tolerance, strength, standing up for herself

Reasons She Might Win: I'm stealthy, fast, and know how to make traps

Bee Clio:

Srengths: Intelligant, resourceful, identifying plants and berries

Weaknesses: Worrying, other weapons, bravery (sometimes)

Reasons She Might Win: I already know how to use an axe, am determined to win for my sister, and am fast

Spring Rose:

Strengths: People person, intelligant, stealthy

Weaknesses: Strength, running, swimming

Reasons She Might Win: I will protect and ally with my sisters, I am smart, and can make allies easily

Amity Rose:

Strengths: Smart, leader, runner

Weaknesses: Strength, weapons, quiet (she is loud, lol)

Reasons She Might Win: My sisters will help me, I will lead my alliance in a smart way to win, and can appear weak

Fawn Rose:

Srengths: Charm, speed, quiet

Weaknesses: Strength, reaction time, not independant

Reasons She Might Win: My sisters will protect me, I'm young, and can look weak and vulnerable

Scarlet Burn:

Strengths: Smart, outgoing, manipulative

Weaknesses: Swimming, climbing, stealth

Reasons She Might Win: I have trained for the Hunger Games, can manipulate people, and am easy to like

Savannah Darnell:

Strengths: Stealth, aim, charm

Weaknesses: Pain tolerance, using weapons

Reasons She Might Win: I have a lot of charm, can hide well, and can earn sponsors easily

Lacey Despin:

Strengths: Resourceful, climbing, hiding

Weaknesses: Using weapons, coordination, bravery

Reasons She Might Win: I'm fast and stealthy, and can run away from the cornucopia but survive making things using the arena

Amber Burn:

Strengths: Smart, fast, reaction time

Weaknesses: Bravery, shy, climbing

Reasons She Might Win: I know a lot about nature and animals, and can run fast and lead people off my trail


Name District Placing Killer Day Died
Lacey Despin 11 11th Scarlet Burn(9) 1(BB)
Sera Oaks 3 10th Candy Orenson(1) 1(BB)
Amity Rose 7 9th Candy Orenson(1) 1(BB)
Scarlet Burn 9 8th Spring Rose(7) 1(BB)
Spring Rose 7 7th Amethyst Glow(5) 1(BB)
Amethyst Glow 5 6th Amber Burn(13) N1
Fawn Rose 7 5th Candy Orenson(1) N1
Amber Burn 13 Survivor -- --
Candy Orenson 1 Survivor -- --
Bee Clio 7 Survivor -- --
Savannah Darnell 9 Survivor -- --

Day 1 - BloodbathEdit

Lacey Despin - District 11

I step into my tribute tube and close my eyes, trying not to shake or be too scared. I can feel the tube slowly rise, and know the launch has begun. When I open my eyes again, I'm blinded by light, and close them again. A slight wind is blowing my dark hair across my face, and when I look around I see forest. We are in a clearing, and I listen as the countdown ticks away.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

I get ready to run to the cornucopia, shaking from fear. 

4, 3, 2...

1! Gong!

I run to the cornucopia and duck inside, getting a bow and arrow, and run out, but something stops me. I fall to the ground to see I've run into Scarlet(9), and scream, aiming my bow at her head. I release the string, but the arrow whizzes past her and hits someone else, I can tell it hit Sera by the scream that follows.

Scarlet gets a spear, and I close my eyes, knowing it's over.

Savannah Darnell - District 9

I run to the cornucopia and meet Bee there, and can already see Scarlet and Candy have met up, and are looking around for targets. I duck behind Bee, and whimper.

"It's okay." She tells me, and adds, "hide."

I duck behind the cornucopia, and hear weapons clashing, and a scream. Bee is running back to me with an axe for herself and some throwing knives for me. She has one backpack, and I take it and put it on. Her arm is bleeding, and I wonder who it was that hit her.

"Come on!" Bee yanks me up off the ground, and we run together off into the forest.

Candy Orenson - District 1

Scarlet has already gotten Lacey, and Sera is injured, so I grab a crossbow and aim it at Sera. She tries to get up off the ground and run from the cornucopia, but when she does I have the perfect chance to hit her back. I aim the bow and shoot.

Sera falls to the ground, and Scarlet comes up behind me. We smirk at each other, and feeling confident I look for a new target: Amity. She's hiding on the side of the cornucopia, and all it takes is one hit for me to get her.

I see Spring(7) and Fawn(7) run up to her, and then Spring running up to me. Oh, no. She's the only one out of the three sisters that I know can put up a fight.

She grabs a throwing knife and aims it at me, but I duck out of the way and it hits--

"Scarlet!" I scream, and run over to her. Spring grabs the rest of the knives and runs off with Fawn. I know it's too late to save Scarlet.

Amethyst Glow - District 5

I've managed to get in and out of the cornucopia with a sword and a backpack, and am running off into the forest when I run into someone. I get up quickly to see that it's Spring and Fawn. Spring throws a knife at me, and I swing my sword back, hitting her in the side. Her knife hits my hand, and I yelp and swing again.

Fawn doesn't have anything to defend herself, and there's no way she would want to hurt me, or me want to hurt her, so I shove her to the side lightly, but she tumbled down a hill and lands in a lake.

Spring watches, horrified, screaming to Fawn, asking if she's okay.

I take my chance and swing the sword one more time.

Day 1 - After the BloodbathEdit

Bee Clio - District 7

Savannah and I have settled down and found a place to camp, and due to her fear of fire I have started it myself. She's warming her hands over it, but she's holding her hands out in front of her and they are a foot from the fire still.

"Here." I smile at her to show her it's okay. They shouldn't have put a 10-year-old in these Games. What a sick Quarter Quell. I grab her hands lightly and slide them closer to the fire. I can feel the heat in her hands again already.


Savannah jumps. But it's just the cannon.



The anthem starts, and we look to the sky.

  • District 3 - Seraphina Oaks
  • District 7 - Spring Rose
  • District 7 - Amity Rose
  • District 9 - Scarlet Burn
  • District 11 - Lacey Despin
Fawn Rose - District 7

I sit up in the lake and start to cry. Tears fall down my cheeks in sheets, thick and cold and salty. Both my sisters are dead, but for some reason I know they would want me to win for them. 

I get up out of the lake and look at my soaking backpack. It's not waterproof, which was a horrible decesion of the Gamemakers. Or maybe a good one to draw us back to the conrucopia.

I open my backpack to find a sleeping bag, which I dry off over a small fire that I make. Amethyst ran off, and soon after the hovercraft came. I wasn't close enough. I don't care if people see the smoke of the fire. I've lost hope. Let them find me.

But when I curl up for sleep, a plan is forming in my head. Maybe I'm not hopeless...

Amber Burn - District 13

I've gathered berries and am eating those, since I care for animals too much to hunt them. The cornucopia is in sight again, and my heart lifts. I squint to try and make out the scene, and can see blond-and-pink hair from behind the trees. Candy(1). She has a crossbow in her hands, and my heart sinks back down when I see 3 full quivers of bolts for it. She has taken the conrucopia.

The moon us up and crickets are chirping, and I'm starting to feel cold. I rub my arms, and can see someone else in the trees on the other side of the cornucopia. Fawn(7), I think. She runs out, and Candy sees her, and runs after her with her crossbow. 

Amethyst(5) runs to the cornucopia, and I wonder why everyone is here. Bee(7) and Savannah(9) run out too, and I can see mutts hanging back in the forest with red eyes. 

Seeing my chance, I run in and grab a mace. Someone's running towards me, so I swing it. Amethyst.


I run away, not wanting anything else to do with this.

Candy Orenson - District 1

I fire a crossbow bolt at Bee, but she dodges it and swings her axe at me. A sudden pain in my leg lets me know Savannah(9) has thrown a knife at me. I throw my crossbow on the ground, and pick up Savannah, slamming her on the wall of the cornucopia. She screams and Bee(7) runs up behind me, yelling at me. "LET HER GO!"

"Why...?" I taunt, and take one of Savannah's knives and hold it up. "Come closer District 7, and she gets it. I can see movement on the other side of me, out of the corner of my eye.

"Savannah..." Bee drops her weapon, tears in her eyes. "Candy you can't kill her, please, please!" She crying. Weak.

I raise the knife and Savannah screams so loud I think my ears will burst, and Bee's eyes are wide and full of tears.

I throw the kife off to the side, and it hits someone else. I release Savannah from my hold, and smirk at the pair. Bee has caught Savannah in a tight hug, and I pick up my crossbow again. "I actually have mercy for you two. Weak."

I look over to see Fawn(7) has been hit by my knife, and then... BOOM!

Bee and Savannah are running away, and I don't blame them. The cornucopia's mine.
  • District 5 - Amethyst Glow
  • District 7 - Fawn Rose

Day 2Edit

Savannah Darnell - District 9


It sounds like the doorbell of the bakery Daddy works at.


Time to make more bread. Wait... 

I open my eyes and can see a small metal container. A sponsor gift! I wake Bee up by shaking her side. "Bee!" I wisper. "Bee we got a gift!"

She opens her eyes, and I bring the container over. Since I have no physical strength whatsoever, she opens it, and I take it. Inside is fruit, a water bottle, and a pack of throwing knives. A note lays on top, and I open it and read it out loud. "From IzzyBelle. Win, Savannah!"

I can see a bit of annoyance in Bee's eyes. The note was written specially for me. I give her the pack of throwing knives. "Here. I already have some." Bee's nice, though, and gives half of them back.

"I also have an axe." She counters.

I smile and we split the fruit in two with a knife, and eat.

Amber Burn - District 13

I know the Gamemakers are going to find a way to drag us back to the cornucopia, so I'm already hiding in the trees with my mace in hand. These Games have gone too fast... I know there has to be a catch somewhere. There has to be.

But instead I here an announcement. Yep. Here's the catch right here. "Attention, tributes. Due to these Games being very short, and being a Quell after all, a new twist has been installed. The four of you left, please make your way to the cornucopia. If you try to fight, your tracker will be reprogammed to elecricute you instead."

Scared, I make my way there. Candy's(1) waiting there, and I can tell by the look on her face that if the rule where we can't kill each other right now wasn't in, I would be dead by now. Bee(7) and Savannah(9) are here now, too, and the announcement continues.

"You all will be spared. Until next year, when the 126th Hunger Games will be put on. This arena will be used again, and you four will return. But. There will be more tributes. Randomly selected from all of the children of Panem. The hovercraft is coming right now. Leave all of your supplies and weapons at the cornucopia. I'm talking to you Candy."

Candy sighs and sits down, unimpressed as she starts to take knives out of her shoes, her belt, a dagger out her hair... a spear head... she's so fully equipt, I wonder how she can still stand. When she's done, she stands up again, and pulls one last knife from out of her sleeve, tossing it to the side.

We all get in the hovercraft, and I know that I have only a year to live. Again.

The odds are not in our favor.

Survivor InterviewsEdit

Candy Orenson - District 1

Stupid Gamemakers. I should have won. At least I get to wear a beautiful, shimmery pink-and-blue dress made to look like flowing cotton-candy. The stylists think that they're genius, making my name into a pun. The should be glad they made me leave behind all my weapons.

"Candy, twirl!" One of them demands, and I give them a mushy grin before twirling as the dress's skirt lifts off the ground and spins around my ankles. The sparkles on it catch the light, and my bangs fall in my face. I push them back into the bun as best as possible.

"Good luck." The say, before leading me on stage, where the host, Collin Flickerman is sitting, grinning out to the Capitol audience.

I come out first, and he makes another pun out of my name. "And here she is, your first survivor of the 125th Hunger Games, Candy Orenson! Doesn't she look just sweet?"

I laugh, grinning out to the audience, and blow a kiss to them. I will kill you all. 

Bee Clio - District 7

After Candy stepped out, the audience went wild. It makes me feel sick, that they're rooting for such a killer when all I wanted was for Savannah to live. The sylist's have put me in a sparkly, bright yellow dress with a black stripe on the waist and on the sleeves. I have silvery wings on my back, and I'm supposed to be... a bee. Bee the bee. Candy the cotton candy. I hope they don't turn Amber into an amber.


I turn around to see Savannah running towards me in her light-blue dress, the skirt frilling out around her. I bend down and we catch each other in a tight hug. "Savannah." I say.

"Bee..." I look to see tears in her eyes.

"You'll be great." I assure her, and then go out.

"Bee!" Collin Flickerman stands up and walks over, taking my hand and giving it a kiss. "What a delight. You look Bee-you-tiful!"

I laugh and smile to the audience as Savannah comes out, and the audience screams for her.


She gives a shaky smile, and comes to my side. I take her hand as Amber comes out, in a bright red, fiery dress. Her red hair is tied up, and the four of us sit down in our chairs.

Savannah Darnell - District 9

I'm sitting next to Bee and Collin, and squeezing Bee's hand. She's like my second sister. I smile to the audience, know my real little sister, May, is watching from District 9.

"So, girls." Collin begins the interview. "How do you feel about being one of the 'survivors'?"

Bee tries to answer, I can tell by how she opens her mouth, but Candy interrupts. "It's great! Double the action. I get to be in the Games again." She smirks to us, and blows another kiss to the audience. Some of the crazy Capitol people pretend to catch it, and I know she's a Capitol favorite.

"I..." I start, hoping no one will hear me, but silence falls over everyone. The whole Capitol is holding their breath. For me. Looks like Candy and I are the Capitol favorites. "I just hope I can come home in the end. For May, my sister, and my parents." I smile to the camera, and wave. "I miss you!" I say to the camera, and I do. But I also know the Capitol will love me even more. I can tell by the fact that all of them at once, even Collin, go, "aww..."

I shift in my chair, and Amber is giving me glares. So is Candy. Bee holds my hand at her side nervously.

Amber Burn - District 13

The tension between the four of us is growing. Bee and Savannah are still on good grounds with each other, if I didn't know better, I would think that they were the sister pair. But they're not. Candy is deffinetly a Capitol favorite, I can tell by the way when she blows kisses to them (constantly, it makes me sick. I hate her), they pretend to catch them, as if they were real things that they could hold. Savannah is the other, being the hopeless young one who survived. But why not Bee and me? Bee has kept Savannah alive, without her, she wouldn't be here.

I can't help hating every survivor excpept myself.

When Collin asks the next question, which is why we think we survived, I cross my arms, looking to the audience, but turning in my chair to face all the others. "I survived because I'm smart, and knew just what to do. And I have a reason to go home." Just for extra, to try to convince the audience to like me, I add, "Savannah's alive because of Bee, and Candy is just a Career. I'm from District 13, so no one thought I would make it. But I did."

The tension is like a giant box, trapping us four in it. And I know only one of us is coming out.

The 126th ReapingsEdit

Before the Reaping - Bee Clio, District 7

Leaving District 7 for the Hunger Games again is heartbreaking. My crazy twin sister, Baylyn, only seemed to be sane when I came home. She was so happy, and I don't know how to let her go and leave again. I'm hugging her so tight, and she won't let me go. "Baylyn." I beg. "Let go... please..."

"Bee, why? Where are you going?"

It feels like someone stabbed me through the heart. "Trust me. You'll see me on TV later, I promise. I'm coming back."

I leave for the hovercraft, which will deliver me to the Capitol where I will reunite with Savannah, Candy and Amber, all of the survivors of the 125th Hunger Games. 

When we get there, I can see three other hovercrafts, and Amber emerges from the one next to me. It's clear that the innocent little animal-loving girl actually hates all three of the other survivors. I am looking for Savannah, but get dragged into the training center where the stylists are waiting on the District 7 floor for me. They dress me in a simple pink dress, and then shove me onto the stage next to the Capitol escort, who has a giant Reaping ball in front of her with the names of all the children of Panem in it, aged 12 through 18. It makes me sick. There will be 24 tributes. 20 more besides us survivors will be Reaped.

When I see Savannah running up to me in her blue dress, I bend down to hug her and pick her up. She giggles. "I'm 11 now!" She squeels, and a pang of guilt goes through me. The cruel Capitol. She's too young for the Hunger Games.

The Survivor Reaping - Candy Orenson, District 1

Bee and Savannah are giggling, and I'm standing on the stage in my stupid black, frilly dress with my hair tied up in a stupid ponytail. I look out to the screaming Capitol, and wave to them.

"Attention, Panem!" The Capitol escort starts. There are 13 screens behind us, one for each district since the Reapings will be random. "It's time for the Reaping of the 126th Hunger Games, an extention on last year's Games! Meet your survivors!"

I smile, as he announce my name. "Candy Orenson, from District 1!" The audience goes wild. "Bee Clio, from District 7!" There's less of a reaction, but she's popular for being allies with Savannah. "Amber Burn of District 13! And Savannah Darnell of District 9!"

"Sa-va-nah!" The audience chants.

"Now," the escort continues, "to the Reapings. He walks over to the bowl and pulls out a slip of paper. "District 7... August Rose!"

I watch the District 7 screen. No... that can't be, Spring, Amity and Fawn's older brother? Great.

"From District 8, Cassie Wynn!" A small girl takes her place on the District 8 stage, smiling out nervously to her family. "From District 12, Aimee Blair!" A 12-year-old walks up to the stage, looking very unimpressed and angered. "From District 10, Alice Withers! From District 4, Isaac Blade! From District 2, Elvira Raven! From the Capitol, Wynter Shade! From District 1, Hugo Flint! From District 5, Isabelle Rittson! From District 3, Harmony Metzer! From District 8, Crimson Burn! From District 8, Amaya Selene! From District 2, Sequoia Moor! And finally... from District 7... Baylyn Clio!"

I can hear a scared gasp from Bee as her sister makes her way to the stage silently. I look over to Bee, and can see tears in her eyes. I smirk. The weak won't make it out. So sorry, Bee, but it looks like I'm the one coming home this year.

The Tributes For the 126th Hunger Games!Edit

Amber Burn - District 13

They didn't Reap the right amount of tributes. I knew something was off, and when I saw the board with the training scores and information, I knew what it was. The tributes from last year have been revived... with their memories, the are coming for revenge. Another twist... I know I won't make it out this time.

Name Age District Gender Weapons Allies Training Score Odds Reaped?
Wynter Shade 15 Capitol Female Crossbow, spear 9 -- Reaped
Candy Orenson 16 1 Female Crossbow, spear, mace 11 -- Survivor
Hugo Flint 17 1 Male Spear, mace, bow 10 -- Reaped
Elvira Raven 14 2 Female Spear, bow 12 -- Reaped
Sequoia Moor 17 2 Female Sword, fists 9 -- Reaped
Sera Oaks 16 3 Female Sword, dagger, fire 7 -- Revived
Harmony Metzer 13 3 Female Dagger, throwing knives, spear 3 -- Reaped
Isaac Blade 15 4 Male Trident, sword 10 -- Reaped
Amethyst Glow 17 5 Female Blowgun, sword, axe 6 -- Revived
Isabelle Rittson 15 5 Female Throwing knives, knives, traps 1 -- Reaped
Bee Clio 15 7 Female Axe, throwing knives, spear 9 -- Survivor
Baylyn Clio 15 7 Female Axe, throwing knives 4 -- Reaped
August Rose 18 7 Male Axe, spear, sword 9 -- Reaped
Spring Rose 17 7 Female Throwing knives, spear, crossbow 7 -- Revived
Amity Rose 15 7 Female Knives, throwing axe, dagger 7 -- Revived
Fawn Rose 13 7 Female Throwing knives, bow, dagger 6 -- Revived
Cassie Wynn 13 8 Female Throwing knives, blowgun 5 -- Reaped
Crimson Burn 14 8 Male Spear, axe 6 -- Reaped
Amaya Selene 17 8 Female Spear, mace, hands 10 -- Reaped

Scarlet Burn

16 9 Female Spear, bow, traps 8 -- Revived
Savannah Darnell 11 9 Female Blowgun, knives 6 100-1 lol Survivor
Alice Withers 13 10 Female Knives 4 -- Reaped
Lacey Despin 13 11 Female Bow, knives, slingshot 6 -- Revived
Aimee Blair 12 12 Female Throwing knives 4 -- Reaped
Amber Burn 14 13 Female Mace, spear, bow 9 -- Survivor
Name Age District Gender Weapons Training Score Odds Reaped?
Jason Buick 16 6 Male Sword, fists, sickle 7 -- Reaped
Enobaria Timber 18 9 Female Axe, knife, bow 9 -- Reaped
Scarlet Scarface 18 2 Female Throwing Kives, axe, spear 12 -- Reaped


Bold: leader

Italics: Co-leader

Careers: Wynter Shade(C), Hugo Flint(1), Candy Orenson(1), Elvira Raven(2), Sequoia Moor(2), Scarlet Scarface(2), Isaac Blade(4), Scarlet Burn(9), Enobaria Timber(9)

Survivor Girls: Bee Clio(7), Baylyn Clio(7), Savannah Darnell(9)

Siblings: August Rose(7), Spring Rose(7), Amity Rose(7), Fawn Rose(7)

Death ChartEdit

Placing Name District Killer How Day Died
29 Isabelle Rittson 5 Elvira Raven(2) Speared 1(BB)
28 Aimee Blair 12 Savannah Darnell(9) Dart to neck 1(BB)
27 Sequoia Moor 2 Bee Clio(7) Axe to back 1(BB)
26 Amity Rose 7 Scarlet Scarface(2) Axe to chest 1(BB)
25 Wynter Shade Capitol August Rose(7) Axe to chest 1(BB)
24 Alice Withers 10 Amber Burn(13) Mace to chest 1(BB)
23 Harmony Metzer 3 Candy Orenson(1) Spear to chest 1(BB)
22 Baylyn Clio 7 Amber Burn(13) Mace to neck 1(BB)
21 Lacey Despin 11 Amaya Selene(8) Mace to chest 1(BB)
20 Scarlet Burn 9 Amaya Selene(8) Slammed on the cornucopia 1(BB)
19 Amaya Selene 8 Jason Buick(6) Beaten 1(BB)
18 Amethyst Glow 5 Hugo Flint(1) Arrow to back 1(BB)
17 Seraphina Oaks 3 Enobaria Timber(9) Axe to neck 1(BB)
16 Spring Rose 7 Cassie Wynn(8) Neck slit 1(N)
15 Crimson Burn 8 Bee Clio(7) Axe to chest 2
14 Fawn Rose 7 Enobaria Timber(9) Mace to head 3
13 Enobaria Timber 9 Amber Burn(13) Mace to head 3
12 August Rose 7 Jason Buick(6) Stabbed 3
11 Hugo Flint 1 Candy Orenson(1) Speared 4
10 Cassie Wynn 8 Amber Burn(13) Stabbed to death 6
8 Isaac Blade 4 Bee Clio(7) Axe to chest 6
7 Amber Burn 13 Candy Orenson(1) Speared 6
6 Scarlet Scarface 9 Bee Clio(7) Throat slit 6
5 Elvira Raven 2 Jason Buick(6) 6
4 Jason Buick 6 6
3 Candy Orenson 1 6
2 Bee Clio 7 Scarlet Scarface(9) Bled to death 6
Victor Savannah Darnell 9 -- -- --

Day 1 - BloodbathEdit

Elvira Raven - District 2

We rise on our tribute plates, and I give a satisfied smirk to the tributes next to me, Isabelle(5) and Jason(6), looking around. The countdown begins, and I've never felt to excited in my life. 10, 9, 8, 7...

I look to the cornucopia, and know that the spear there is mine.

3, 2, 1! GONG!

I run to the cornucopia, and pick up the spear and a backpack, then turn around, pointing my spear at the closest person: Isabelle(5). She gives a little gasp, but doesn't even have time to scream before I plunge my spear into her chest. She falls to the ground, and I can see Candy(1) with her own spear and backpack. She smirks at me as Scarlet(9) comes up behind us. We run out and start to battle. 

Little Isabelle(5) never had a chance anyway. 

Savannah Darnell - District 9

I run to the cornucopia, and can already see that Isabelle(5) is dead. I stay away from the Careers, becuase I know she died because of them. I pick up some throwing knives, a blowgun and darts, and a backpack, then turn and look for Bee(7). She's running towards me.

I get pushed to the ground, and can see someone standing over me. Aimee(12) is trying to take my throwing knives, and I shoot her with a dart. It hits her in the neck, and she falls to the ground. I feel sick. Is she... dead?

Someone else is standing over me now, Sequoia(2). I scream, and now this is the end. But then she falls to the ground, with an axe in her back. Bee(7) is standing behind her, breathing heavily, as she falls to the ground. Bee rushes forward and hugs me, gets her axe, and a backpack, and says, "let's go."

We run off into the forest together.

August Rose - District 7

I fend off the Careers with an axe, protecting Spring as she gets weapons for all of us, and Amity as she gets backpacks. Fawn ran off, and we need to meet up with her later. I can see both Scarlets giving each other weapons, and Scarlet S.(2) runs up to me. I block her blows with my axe, but she hits someone else. 

I hear a small scream from behind me, and can see Amity(7) laying on the ground. Spring(7) has tears in her eyes, but gets the backpacks Amity dropped, and together we run off into the forest. Wynter(C) sees us, and I take out my anger by swinging my axe at her chest.

Spring screams. "August!"

"Come on." Is all I say.

Amber Burn - District 13

I'm so mad at the other survivors. I have no mercy anymore, and I show that when I hit Alice(10) with my mace and she falls to the ground. I look around for more victims, and I feel empty inside. Did I really just do that?

I pick up a knife, and throw it at Candy(1). She looks at me annoyed, and then turns back to her alliance, who run off after Harmony(3), and Candy(1) spears her. The Careers are running around like crazy, killing off all of the tributes. I decide to run away before they decide to tear me to shreds.

I run into Baylyn(7) on my way out. Well well well... Bee(7) must have left her insane sister behind. I smile at Baylyn, cocking my head to the side. She tries to run past me, a look of pure terror on her face. "Sorry, Bee." I say, before I swing my mace at her sister.

Amaya Selene - District 8

I have a spear, a mace, and a backpack. I scan the battlefield for a target, and can see the Careers having an arguement, and other people running around getting supplies. I walk up slowly behind a little girl. Lacey(11) I think. I kick her down to the ground, grinning. 

Lacey turns around, scared. She looks at me, and my spear, and tries to run. I hit her with my mace, and it kills her instantly. I'm a Career from 8, so it feels weird to finally get my first kill...

The two Scarlets, the Careers, are having an arguement. I run up behind them, and stab Scarlet B.(9) int he leg with my spear. I laugh at her, and she takes her spear and gets me in the leg. I scream, and the rest of the Careers back off, leaving Scarlet B.(9) alone to fight me.

I punch her around, and smal her against the wall of the cornucopia, until she's unconcious. I run off, wondering if she's dead.

But with my injured leg, I'm an easy target. Jason(6) comes up behind me and starts to beat me up, and I can't fight back. I'm bleeding to death. He takes my backpack and then everything goes black.

Hugo Flint - District 1

Scarlet B.(9) is dead, but she was annoying anyway. Appearnatly both Crimson(8) and Amber(13) are her cousins. Who knew? 

I'm defending the cornucopia, because we're (the Careers, I mean) are taking it over. Amethyst(5) runs out of the cornucopia, and I see her, so I attack. I get my bow and shoot her with an arrow, straight through the back. I guess the revived tributes aren't doing so well these Games.

"OW!" I scream, a sudden stabbing pain in my back. Sera(3) is trying to cut me up with a sword. Candy tries to shoot her with a crossbow, but she misses, and then Enobaria(9) comes up to Sera and slashes her in the neck with her axe.

"Thanks." I pant.

"Don't mention it." Both girls say at once. Candy(1) comes over to me and helps treat my wound. So, she's kind of cute. "I guess the bloodbath is over." She says in her high-pitched voice.

"I guess." I agree. She looks at me, and blushes, and we sit together, watching the remaining tributes run off.

After the BloodbathEdit

Cassie Wynn - District 8

I barely made it out of the bloodbath with anything. I have a dagger and a backpack, and am sitting, making a fire when the anthem comes on. Time to see all of the fallen tributes.

Some of them, like Isabelle(5) I didn't expect to last long. But Amaya(8)? She was good, and she was my district. And Sequoia was from District 2. I'm warming my hands over the fire when I hear a cracking of branches from somewhere else. Someone's coming!

I put out the fire as quickly as possible, but the person already is here. It's three people, actually. The Sibling Alliance. August has a sword, and Spring is aiming a knife at me. Fawn just hangs back, hiding behind them, looking scared.

I try ot run past them, but August(7) picks me up by the collar of my jacket, and I thrash around until I manage to cut his arm. He throws me down, and I run at them, cutting at Spring. When I hear a cannon, I look to see that I've managed to cut her neck. I run away, leaving them by my fire.

Final 9Edit

Amber Burn - District 13

We're all at the cornucopia now, ready for the last battle. I find myself smiling, oddly... what's wrong with me?

The next one there is Cassie(8). I can't believe she survived this long. She's the one that just hid the whole time, isn't she. Without a second thought, I pin her to the ground. She starts to scream, and I just smirk at her before stabbing her to death with a knife.


I look up to Candy(1) standing in front of me. She killed Hugo(1) when she saw it was getting down to the final tributes. She killed her own lover, just to survive.

I stand up and face her.

"All the survivors made it." She says, pointing behind her, to Bee(7) and Savannah(9), who are standing back-to-back, trying to fend off Scarlet(9).

"Well, one of us has to go." I say, and swing my mace at her.

Bee Clio - District 7

Everyone is coming at us. They must know we're a threat, or at least, that I am.

I swing my axe at Isaac(4), and it hits him right in the chest. He falls to the ground, dead. Savannah screams, and I turn around to see that Amber(13) has been beaten by Candy(1). I get a sick feeling. There is no way I can protect Savannah against all of the stronger tributes!

Scarlet(9) is running to me, and out of fear I swing my axe again, but she dodges. It's Savannah(9) that saves me... she starts to stab Scarlet(9), and then I finish her off with my axe.

Elvira Raven - District 2

The final battle looks easy. Everyone is already dying, and I don't have to do much, even though I'm so bloodthirsty.

I run up to Jason(6), thinking I can take him. 

I'm wrong, because he tackles me, and I do mamage to stab him in the stomach, but he slashes me with his sword over and over and I can feel myself dying, the life draining out of me.

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