Sylvia Emerald
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Female
Height 5'2
Weapon Bow, Spear, Sword
Fate Varies
Appearances Varies
Mentioned Varies
Portrayed by Someone Pretty
Sylvia is a tribute from District 1 who does good. She has a sister, Trinity Emerald.


Name: Sylvia Emerald

Gender: Female 

District: 1

Age: 15

Weapon: Bow, Knife, Spear

Appearance: Sylvia is just as pretty as her sister Trinity. She is 5'5, with long blonde hair and stunning green eyes.

Strengths/skills: Sylvia is very good at swimming, and holding her breath. She is very skilled with a bow, and she is very fast.

Weakness(es): Sylvia is not good at hiding. She cannot fight real well in melee combat. She also is afraid of spiders.

Personality: Sylvia is very sweet and nice, and likes to show off her beauty in a non bragging way.

Backstory/History: Sylvia and Trinity grew up with very rich parents. They got their own pool, which they swam in a lot. The two liked wearing swim masks as well, often going underwater and smiling to each other. They liked to get competitve, by seeing who could swim faster and who could hold their breath longer. She got along with Trinity just fine. Even though their neigbor, Luster, often scared them, they still felt safe at home.

Interview Angle: She will try to make the capitol like her cause her beauty.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will gather with her allies and grab supplies.

Games Strategy: She will stick with her allies until the end.

Token: Cute selfie lol

Height: 5'2


Alliance: She always thought the careers were too serious with killing, so probably the Eli, Eliza, Anne, and her Sister alliance.

Sylvia UW

Her underwater