Sera is a tribute made up by Pippycat who has participated in many games, and is the victor of Ccmoco5's The Nightmare Games.

Seraphina Oaks
Seraphina Oaks RL
Age 15
Occupation Tribute/Mentor
Home District 3
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weapon Sword, dagger, fire (yes)
Fate Many (yes)
Appearances The Nightmare Games, Many different games(yes)
Mentioned The Nightmare Games, Many different games(yes)
Portrayed by Yes


Name: Seraphina "Sera" Oaks

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapons: Sera used to live in District 2, so she is very skilled with a sword and a dagger. She also uses fire (yes).

Skills: People skills and climbing

Weaknesses: Too sympathetic, can make bad decesions

Personality: Sera is a happy-go-lucky girl, who used to not care about things as much and make foolish decisions, always laughing in the end. She can still make bad decisions, but she's more careful now. She can jump at the slightest noise, and has a careful and caring nature. She has a lot of sympathy for others, which can make things difficult. When she gets embarrassed she will trail off her sentances, but always gets over it. She tries to be happy so she can know what she has before it's gone (see backstory).

Fears: Getting Reaped, losing those she loves.