District 9 Scarlet Burn

Scarlet Burn by Pippycat

Scarlet Burn is a tribute made up by Pippycat. Please don't use her unless Pippycat gives you permission, and don't claim her as your tribute. Thank you. <3 


Name: Scarlet Burn

Gender: Female

Age: 15

District: 9

Weapons: Spear, traps, bown and arrow

Personality: A very social little girl, that likes to make friends, and she can be very easy to like. An only child she always got her way, so she likes to ALWAYS get her way. She can be a manipulative person, which means her allies might be in TROUble... she finds ways to get what she wants without whoever she manipulated know it. When she does, she barely ever regrets it. She hides her dark side under her sweet, outgoing personality.

Games Participated InEdit