Savannah Darnell is a tribute by Pippycat who participated in many different games.

Savannah Darnell
Savannah Darnell RL
Age 12
Occupation Tribute
Home Victors Village in District 9
Gender Female
Height 4'11
Weapon Blowgun, throwing knives, double-sided knife
Fate Alive/deceased
Appearances The Element Games
Mentioned The Element Games
Portrayed by Cute little girl


Name: Savannah Darnell

Age: 12 (10)

District: 9

Gender: Female

Weapons: Blowgun, throwing knives, double-sided knife

Appearance: Savannah is a really small girl, who is 12 but only looks about 9 years old (in the RL pic she totally looks too young, so yeah. Imagine she looks older than that haha...). She has very light, auburn-blondish hair, and blue-green eyes.

'Personality: 'Savannah is very quiet, shy, and closed off from other people unless she really likes them, in which case she is very friendly and is easy to make laugh, and you will find she has a good sense of humor, too. She doesn't share her thoughts all that often, but when she does you'll see she likes to think about things, and woder. She's very curious, but doesn't let that get in her way. She's very careful, and will ask questions about something until she knows exactly how/what to do with it. You might think her thoughts would be all happy, but she has some very serious thoughts, like about the Hunger Games, and history, and what makes us alive and stuff (that might make you wonder if she's sane). Despite all of this, she's also very brave.

Skills: Stealth, aim, charm

Savannah's appearance in The 75th Hunger Games

Weaknesses: Pain tollerance, weapon skills

Fears: Pain

Token: A little charm bracelet her little sister May gave her before she left for the Games.

Alliance: Savannah will ally with anyone who wants her to.

The Golden Masked Alliance's Games (The 87th Hunger Games) Edit

Savannah was the victor of the 87th Hunger Games. She, along with 8 other tributes -- Eli Winersin, Fawn Rose, Amber Burn, Anne Flinch, Aura Keys, Eliza Herader, Trinity Mace, and Sylvia Emerald -- allied together to create The Golden Masked Alliance. Fawn was the first to die, in the bloodbath, meaning that they lost the co-leader of the alliance before Day 2 of the Games. Anne was second to go, being killed the morning of day 2 while eavesdropping on the Careers. TBC