Intense weather channel remix
Age 22
Occupation Park Worker
Home The Park
Gender Male
Height 3'10
Weapon Teeth
Fate Alive
Appearances Regular Show
Mentioned This Wikia
Portrayed by Fanged Raccoon?
―Rigby to the tribute he hates on this wikia.[src]
Rigby is a raccoon and a main character of Regular Show. He isn't a serious tribute, and will probably die early in games he is entered in. He hates Buck Rockwell more than any other tribute.


Name: Rigby

Age: 22

Personality: Rigby is doesn't take his job seriously and slacks off. He is easily angered.

Gender: Male

Strengths: Rigby can run on all fours, making him the fastest there is. He can bit pretty hard.

Weaknesses: Rigby is little, and is physically weak.


  • He is childish.
  • He hates Buck.
  • He hates District 6.