Nichole Reis
Nichole Reis
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weapon Sneaky dagger
Fate Deceased
Appearances Water Games
Mentioned None
Nichole Reis was the female tribute from 5 in The Water Games (92nd Games). Her district partner was Matt Hamil.

Training ScoreEdit

She got a 8, and odds of 8-1, which is high considering she's from District 5. However, her lower scoring district partner lived longer.

The GamesEdit

Nichole was highly overestimated, having great odds. She died in the bloodbath, and her lower odds district partner lived longer. For the bloodbath she jumps in, and swims towards the cornucopia. She grabs a knife, but is punched into a crate by Clove. Clove slices at her neck, but Nichole escapes with her life. She finds Eliza and the two try to convince Jason and Matt to stop killing each other and instead focus on the careers. August shoves her into the water, where she gets tangled up in a net. She panicks and releases to much air, before drowning. Overall, she placed 17th out of 24.


Her death.


Nichole's corpse.