Salmon Mutt

The Salmon King, the largest and most dangerous mutt to ever exist.

Muttations are engineered mutants that gamemakers put in a lot of games. They can range from peaceful huntable animals to mass killing shredder predators. They range from water and land. 

Deadly-Ranking of MuttsEdit

1st: Salmon King, a giant salmon mutt that roams great bodies of water. It can swallow a whole island, and if any tribute navigates into one, they'll be impaled by huge teeth. Most dangerous mutt of all and most dangerous water mutt.

2nd: Great-grandaddy tower legs, a huge spider that roams open plains and sometimes forests, these are the most dangerous land mutt. It would take about 4 tributes to kill one. Their biggest weakness is fire and water, and axes, as they're legs are like dogwood tree trunks.

3rd: Enlarged Salmon Mutt, a large salmon mutt. If killed, they'll have food that will last the whole games. They're deadly as they'll rip a tribute to shreds like a pihrana.

4th: Bormongers, a boar like hound dog that hunt in packs and have very poisonous talons and fangs. It's said their eyes can paralyze a tribute.

5th: Great Coriconese, a grown up version of the Corico Pup. They are excellent fighters and are as strong as a career.

6th: Killer Pug, a large pug that stands at 4 feet on all fours, that hunts in packs of 8. You can tame it, but it would require great skill, and has only been tamed by those from District 14. They are the most common prey to the Great-Grandaddy tower legs.

7th: Drowners, those who have drowned in dark places, and have become zombies who's one goal is to drown the living to join them. 

8th: Bog Monsters, muddy creatures that sit low on a bog. They will pull tributes in the bog and drown them, before consuming them whole. The only warning of one is a swim mask lying around, indicating a tribute has died recently.

Non-deadly muttsEdit

Corico Pup, a friendly tamable mutt who will stick with their owner till the end. If fed well, they'll grow into great beasts called Great Coriconese.

Mutt GalleryEdit