Isabella Cloth
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 8
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Weapon Throwing knives, spear
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Cute sunglasses girl
"That boy from 6 cut me, so I cut him back."
―Isabella after battling Jason[src]

Isabella is a girl from 8 who knows what she is doing.


Name: Isabella Cloth

Gender: Female

District: 8

Age: 14

Weapon: Throwing knives, Spear

Appearance: Isabella is a cute girl who wears sunglasses on a daily basis, but reveals her pretty green eyes a lot.

Strengths/skills: Isabella is good at hiding her identity, can be useful for spying other tributes. She is very good at combat, and excels in speed.

Weakness(es): She cannot swim, and will scream her air out if she goes under. 

Personality: She is very sweet, but vengeful if someone hurts her.

Backstory/History: She grew up in the richer part of district 8, where she could secretly practice combat. Since District 8 is so urban, she didn't know how to swim at all. But she was fast and pretty good at combat. Her mother agreed when she chose to volunteer one day, knowing that she was capable.

Interview Angle: She will be sweet.

Bloodbath Strategy: TBA

Games Strategy: TBA

Token: Unknown

Height: 5'4

Fears: Drowning?

Alliance: Careers


In The Golden Masked Alliance's Games (87th Hunger Games), she is still alive. Isabella made it to the cornucopia, and grabbed a sword. Jason cut her leg with a sickle, and she cut him back on the arm. Jason escapes her and she grabs a machete, but Cole Hogan does as well. They fight, and Cole punches her to the floor. She screams for help when Seraphina starts to strangle her. Marvel picks up Seraphina and slams her into the wall, then stabs her in the back with a kukri. Later that day, and 8 armed monkey mutt attacks her, but the other careers kill it before it does any real damage. On the second day, she sees Anne eavesdropping on the careers, before plunging a dagger into her throat. On the third day, she participates in the Career Ambush. After Sylvia is killed by Matt, she grabs Aura's throat, but Savannah kicks the air out of her. She struggles to regan her breath when Candy swings a mace at Savannah. She takes Sylvia's mask off her coarpse, as the arena floods. Isabella takes a deep breath and goes under. Masked, Isabella can see underwater, when Trinity comes under. The two fight, and Isabella pulls off Trinity's mask, giving Isabella an advantage. Isabella tries to surface, but she is pulled back under. Luckily, Trinity needs to breathe as well as they both get a lung full of air. She tries to climb a rock with the other careers, but falls. She can't breathe and drowns. Luckily, Candy saves her and she is saved.


The Golden Masked Alliance's Games (87th Hunger Games): Anne Flinch (9)