A finale is the last day of the hunger games, where the remaining tributes fight each other.

UNGH Games FinaleEdit

The finale of the 1000001 tribute games started in a lake, when the remaining Careers (Containing Mr. UNGH from 5, Stone Mason from 2, and The District 10 Male) were ambushed by Finnick and his girlfriend. Finnick was crowned victor after killing Mr. UNGH
Future RL

Finnick's Girlfriend, who died in the finale

Victim Killer Method Placing
Mr. UNGH Finnick Touched with trident, swelled up due to trident allergy, exploded 2nd
Finnick's Girlfriend Mr. UNGH Forced underwater, lungs filled with water, drowned. 3rd.
Stone Mason Finnick's Girlfriend Throwing ax to head 4th
District 10 Male Finnick Trapped in net, heart impaled 5th


  • Most Finales take place at the cornucopia