Name:Emily Link

District: 6, 2, 7


Appearence: Much like her sisters,Grace Link.
Emily Link

"Do I creep you out? If so, GOOD!"

Emily Link lunaii


Weapons: Axe, Dagger



She is very skilled with the axe, growing up in the lumber district (her main district). Her father gave her it.

Bowie Knive (aka dagger)Edit

Her bowie knive she loves to throw. Her mom gave her it when she was 8.


Growing up in the lumber district was an easy life for her and Grace. They always loved to pretend they had an axe and chop wood down. Her mother gave Grace a bow, whoch Grace is skilled with, and her father gave Emily a axe, which she is very deadly with it.

Interview Angel:

Wear a long silver dress with a headband with an axe on it.

Bloodbath Stategy:

Stay with her sister, Grace, and get a weapon.


Stick with her sister.