District 6
District 6
Industry Transportation
Victors The two morphlings
Mayor Unknown
Rebels The two morphlings
"Our hovercraft, our high-speed trains, and our cargo trains come to us from District 6. Ironically, the citizens here have little love for travel."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide[src]

District 6 is one of the 13 Districts of Panem. This District's principal industry is transportation. It was heavily bombed by the Capitol's Air Forces. It is hinted that having a Morphling addiction may have been a District-wide issue as Katniss Everdeen nicknamed the victors of District 6 "Morphlings" because they were addicted to the painkiller. Most victors from this District take this drug to forget what they experienced in their Games. District 6 is also one of the more rebellious Districts, as the victors from this District were part of the victor alliance to keep Katniss alive. It is mentioned that this District is rebellious after the breakout from the arena by Plutarch Heavensbee.


The following jobs are offered in District 6:

  • Porter
  • Router
  • Mechanic
  • Conductor
  • Baggage Handler

Known Tributes Edit

You know he is cool

Jason Buick, a tribute from District 6

  • Titus- Died in a unspecified Hunger Games. He is known for his cannibalism during the games and was killed by an avalanche.
  • Jason Buick - Still alive in The Water Games (92nd Games)
  • District 6 female (74th HG) - Died on the first day (bloodbath). She placed 23rd out of 24.
  • Female Morphling - Victor of the unspecified Hunger Games as well as a morphling addict. Died on the second day of the 75th Hunger Games. She placed 14th out of 24.
  • Male Morphling - Victor of an unspecified Hunger Games and is a morphling addict. Died on the first day of the 75th Hunger Games (bloodbath). He placed 22nd out of 24.


  • In The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide, it says that the people of District 6 dislike traveling, even though their industry is transportation.
  • A tribute from District 6, Titus, during an unknown Hunger Games, went mad and resorted to cannibalism. He started eating the tributes until he was killed by an avalanche, thought to be purposely set up by the gamemakers, ensuring someone insane wouldn't win.
  • Tributes from here have a disadvantage as they have no experience in weaponry.
  • The citizens of this District seem to be extremely oppressed, shown on how rough the Peacekeepers are on this District, and had a large uprising in Catching Fire.
  • It is revealed in Mockingjay that District 6 has 4 victors.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 6 has 52 active hubs with a population of 784,453, making it the largest District in Panem, in terms of population, with almost four times as many citzens as District 2, the second place holder. Due to being the largest District in terms of population, it is also extremely unstable, making Morphling a district-wide problem.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 6 claims 68,366 in tesserae, making it the sixth most impoverished District.
  • It is considered a Lower middle class District.