District 0 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem. The district suffered an epidemic and so it's hinted that they aren't the richest district (although, they aren't poor). District 0 provides research to the Capitol with focus on astrology and meteorology and it's citizens are known to be rather intelligent. District 0 is a rather cold district and the entire district is covered in snow.

This district is a fanmade district, made by Jabberjay78.



Victors from District 0 usually win their Games based on their knowledge and survival skills. Some of District 0 victors include:


Tributes from District 0 usually are not prepared for the Hunger Games, and do not feel pride in participating in one of them. Some of District 0 tributes include:


The Escorts come from Capitol, but they are assigned to a District to host the reapings. The escorts below were chosen to host the District 0 reapings: