General and Games InformationEdit

General InformationEdit

Name: Diamond Sparkle "Di" Ore

District: 1

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Diamond, unlike most people in District One, is in no way narcisstic and cares about others before himself. He's funny, and charming. He's a great speaker and would rather die than kill somebody else. The only reason Di would ever injure someone else is self-defense. If one of his allies was in danger, he would give his life to save them. Also, Diamond is extremely intelligent, maybe even being the smartest person in all of District 1.

Appearance: Di is very pleasing to the eye. His blonde hair is swept straight to the side. His skin is tan and he is usually wearing a wide smile. His blue-green eyes are always focused on whatever he's doing or who's he's talking to. Diamond is 6'2" and isn't skinny nor large. He's muscular and looks like he could bench 450 without breaking a sweat.

Weapons: Diamond would never really need a weapon as he is strong and can defend himself, but, in case he needed it, he would always keep a bow and arrow along with a straight 1-foot sword in his pack.

Backstory: As being from District 1, Diamond comes from a wealthy family. Diamond lives a perfectly normal life, and nothing severely tragic has ever happened to him or somebody he deeply cared about. His parents spoiled him, but he was nice about it and shared. He was always popular in school, but never to the neglect of others.

Strength: Physical strength, shooting, fighting, speed, intelligence

Weakness: His extreme loyalty

Fears: None

Games informationEdit

Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteered(for his 12 year old brother)

Interview Angle: Diamond will not have an interview angle, and will just be himself, which, in itself is a good interview angle.

Bloodbath strategy: When the gong sounds, Di will run to the outskirts of the Cornucopia, grabbing a sword, bow and arrow, and a pack. He will then flee unless one of his allies are in danger, and then he will run to go help them.

Games strategy: Diamond will stay hidden, out of the action. He will hunt for survival and only act when he needs to defend himslef. In the final five, he will allow others to win.

Token: None

Allies: An anti-career alliance, despite the fact he's from a career district, or not being in an alliance at all.

Games and StatisticsEdit


14th Hunger GamesEdit


Highest placing: N/A

Lowest placing: N/A

Highest training score: N/A | Lowest Training score: N/A

Highest odds: N/A

Lowest odds: N/A


  • Diamond has a twin sister, Glitter, and a younger brother, Gold.