Cole Hogan
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 12
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weapon Machete, Dagger
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Unknown
"There is a claim District 12 hardly ever wins... I'm proof that the claim is a lie."
―Cole Hogan[src]

Section headingEdit

Name: Cole Hogan

Gender: Male

District: 12

Age: 15

Weapon: Machete, Dagger

Appearance: See lunaii

Strengths/skills: Cole is VERY deadly in combat, especially with a machete or dagger. He is very strong, from working. He is very fast. He is great at making traps from anything. He is also great at camouflage.

Weakness(es): Cole is terrible at ranged weaponry, so terrible he don't use it. He is bad at climbing. He is terrible at tracking. He is bad at hunting.

Personality: Cole knows when to say a joke at the right time, and is helpful. He will lend a helping hand, especially to allies.

Backstory/History: Cole grew up in the seam, the oldest of 4 and having to feed them. He trapped rats in his handmade traps, killed them, and skinned them. He sold the pelts for money, then cooked the meat and fed his family. He one day tamed a dog, and they went past the fence of D12, to get better game. He made a trap, while his dog went out. The dog chased prey into the trap, and Cole would kill the prey. He would sell the pelt and cook the meat. Soon, his family got rich enough to move to the Marketplace. Now being well fed, he started to work himself. He became pretty strong, and decided to go hunting... when his dog died from a sickness. He was in grief, and soon, his family started to lose money and food. He took tesserae. When he attended the reaping, his tesserae abuse caught up to him, and he was reaped.

Interview Angle: Crack jokes at the best times.

Bloodbath Strategy: Try to grab a weapon, and a bag.

Games Strategy: He will set traps around the place, hoping to trap animals and tributes to kill.

Token: Rusty padlock

Height: 5'9

Fears: Not seeing his family

Alliance: Whatever I put him in

Games he was inEdit

In The Golden Masked Alliance's Games (87th Hunger Games), He died on the first night. He was one of the first at the cornucopia. He fought with Isabella over a machete, and won it by punching her. He ran around and swung at Fawn, but she ducked and escaped from him. He looked around and saw Grace Link running away with her sister. He slices her guts out, killing her. Emily, throws a knife, but he ducks and runs of in the opposite way. On the first night, he falls in the hole created by The Golden Masked Alliance, losing his machete in the process. He attacks Trinity, trying to drown her and suceeding at making her pass out from lack of air. Eliza attacks him and pulls him under. Cole pulls off Eliza's mask, blurring her vision underwater, but this isn't enough, and Eliza drowns him. He placed 15th out of 24, surviving the bloodbath, which most District 12 tributes usually don't do.