Clay Stone
Clay Stone
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 2
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weapon Sword, Machete, Spear
Fate Unknown
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Vince Fly
Clay stone is a District 2 Tribute who is Cato-like.


Name: Clay Stone

Gender: Male

District: 2

Age: 16

Weapon: Sword, Machete, Spear

Appearance: Clay is 6'2 with spikey black hair.

Strengths/skills: Clay is a master with a sword and an expert with a machete and spear. Clay is very smart, knowing everything there is about how to kill someone quick. He is also very strong, on par with Eli Winersin and only beaten by Luster Silk (meaning he's stronger than Cato).

Weakness(es): Clay can't climb trees, but can climb the cornucopia or a wall. He doesn't hide, also seeing no reason to do it. 

Personality: Clay, unlike Luster, is more loud and happy and doesn't scowl. He doesn't taunt other non-career tributes, instead plainly ignoring them. He sees them as nothing until the games, where he sees them as his next kill.

Backstory/History: Clay always was the smartest one in his family. He killed a burglar with a swipe of his knife, as he was smart enough to know where to cut. He kept the dagger in his pocket, where he drew it one day when a rabid dog came after him. He was strong enough to snap it's neck, and can do it to a person equally well.

Interview Angle: Clay will be loud and cheery.

Bloodbath Strategy: Clay will lose his happy attitude until after the bloodbath, where he'll get it back. He'll grab a sword and kill tributes.

Games Strategy: Clay will follow orders from the career leader, since he isn't much of a leader anyway.

Token: None

Height: 6'2

Fears: Unknown.

Alliance: Careers

Games he was inEdit

In The Element Games, he did very well. In the pre games elemental test, he killed Savannah Darnell with a flaming sword, and later on killed Amber Willows with the same sword. He progressed to the games. In the games, he and his team fight with Luster and Isaac. When luster flings Eli to the ground, Clay comes in and kill Isaac before he can kill Eli. He and his team run off. He isn't seen or mentioned until the finale on Day 3. He watches Brock get killed, as he hops from platform to platform while Eli and Grace have a fistfight. Eli conjures a storm, as Clay starts to get closer in. His life is cut short when he is struck by lightning. He placed 3rd out of 28 total.


The Element Games: Savannah Darnell (9), Amber Willows (7), Isaac Blade (4)