Carolyn Collins
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 6
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weapon Sword, Throwing Ax, Hatchet
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Happy Blonde
"See the taller one wearing the mask? Not the one from 7, the one from 6. She's mine. "


Name: Caroyln Collins

Gender: Female

District: 6

Age: 16

Weapon: Sword, Throwing Ax, Hatchet

Appearance: Caroyln has green eyes and blonde hair, normally with a white lily in it.

Strengths/skills: Caroyln is strong for a girl, holding her own just fine. She is also skilled with a sword, being so good with it she knows how to throw it. She is also very fast at running and swimming. She can climb well too, over anything. She is very smart and a quick thinker.

Weakness(es): Although she can swim well, she can't hold her breath for long. She doesn't know which plants are edible either. She also cannot hide at all. She is also scared of spiders and scorpions.

Personality: Carolyn acts very good, and is obediant and doesn't backsass. She can act pretty if she wants too, and can be very persuasive.

Backstory/History: Carolyn grew up as the next door neighbor of Buck, and the two were good friends. She was the only child, so her parents adored her. They disciplined her, and she handcrafted bought a sword in the black market. She practiced with Buck, who used a handcrafted spear. It was normally cut in half by the steel sword, and was taped time and time again. Until it happened... At 15, Carolyn got lost in the suburbs of District 6. Older, drunk men often called out to her, until one got a hold of her. Her strength surprised the drunk man, as she shoved him into a trash can. She drew her sword and was about to kill the man, when Peacekeepers arrived. They beat her with batons and left her to die in the alleyway. Severley injured, she crawled, trying to get home, when she passed out. She woke up, in the Rockwell house, being treated by Rosalina. She asked were Buck was, and Rosalina said he and Joshua were fighting. Carolyn wanted to help, but her legs were badly bruised. Carolyn asked where her parents were, when Rosalina said Peacekeepers had shot them for being affiliated with Caroyln. Carolyn's eyes welled up with tears at the news, and she sobbed. At age 16, she was reaped.

Interview Angle: Carolyn will be very interesting, and will reveal her true self.

Bloodbath Strategy: Carolyn will go for a weapon and begin killing.

Games Strategy: She will stick with the careers and will only trust Buck if he's in there.

Token: Bracelet

Height: 5'6

Fears: Spiders, Scorpions

Alliance: Careers

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