The career alliance is an alliance formed nearly every year by various career tributes.

Career AllianceEdit

Mostly the careers are from 1, 2, and 4, but stronger tributes from other districts have been accepted in it before.

Career Emblem

Careers Emblem

Known CareersEdit

Threats to careersEdit

There are many threats to the careers, either a strong tribute who didn't join (such as Brock Yugly or Eli Winersin), or another alliance. Most notably, the Anti Careers pose the biggest threat.

Known ThreatsEdit

Other AlliancesEdit

The Anti Careers: Being the anti careers.

Bee Tribute Alliance: For being large in numbers.

The Masked Alliance: For having two individual threats in it.


Brock Yugly: Probably the most threatening by far, Brock is a threat because his mastery of hand to hand combat and his unmatched skill with brass knuckles, don't mention his strength.

Eli Winersin: For his strength and combat knowledge, and the possibility of his hit and run attacks.

Trinity Emerald: For her wit and her looks, she can get a lot of sponsors and can lead her allies to kill the careers in spots they don't know well.

Bee Clio: For unmatched skill with any ax, and her leadership abilities to her allies. Much like Trinity, she is very smart.