The Capital P Alliance, also known as Small but large or Swag's Alliance, is an alliance of MrSwagYOLO29's non-career tributes.


L- Leader F- Founder

District 1- Diamond Ore-L, Gold Ore- F

District 2- None

District 3- James Watt, Sissy Watt- F, Volts Watt

District 4- None

District 5- Flare Williams

District 6- Katie Onley- F, Madeline Lee

District 7- Terra Rioux, Warren Sattely

District 8- Thread Englesberg

District 9- Diggory Wilson- F

District 10- Fox Blade- F, Gale Bard- L

District 11- Shelt Mann- L, Tulip Durn- F

District 12- Rosie Liles-F

Alliance InformationEdit

Leader(s): Diamond Ore(1), Gale Bard(10) and Shelt Mann(11), as they are the strongest.

Number of Members: 19

Possible Members: N/A

Founders: Gold Ore, Sissy Watt, Katie Onley, Diggory Wilson, Fox Blade, Tulip Durn, and Rosie Liles (Under the name of Small but large)

Reason for name: Gold Ore "We're going to be powerful. Like, with a Capital P."