Brock Yugly
Brock Yugly
Age 18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 6
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weapon Brass Knuckles, Fists
Fate Unknown
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Aggressive looking dude.
Brock Yugly is a deadly tribute from District 6 who looks mean.


Name: Brock Yugly

Gender: Male

District: 6

Age: 18

'Weapon: Brass Knuckles, Fist's

Appearance: Unlike most of District 6, Brock is a strong, able looking teenager. He always looks like he wants to beat you up.

Strengths/skills: Brock is a master at hand to hand combat, and if he gets brass knuckles, he is a very dangerous opponent. He is strong, on par with Eli and Clay. He is also fast, allowing him to run or swim quickly and dodge and strike fast.

Weakness(es): Brock lacks climbing skills. He also lacks the ability to use camouflage. However, he can still hide pretty well.

Personality: Brock is always looking like he wants to beat you up, but is otherwise a very normal acting person. 

Backstory/History: Brock grew up in the slums of District 6, where people fought to get what they needed. He hand made a pair of brass knuckles, out of string and needles. He often had to fight to survive, and normally won. He got enough money to move out of the slums with his family. He got stronger each day, until he became a force to be reckoned with.

Interview Angle: Brock will be normal, but end it in an aggressive manner.

Bloodbath Strategy: Brock will try to grab his brass knuckles, and then escape.

Games Strategy: He will track the careers by day 3 and try to join them, but if they don't accept, he will just run off, and then ambush them later.

Token: Shrapnel?

Height: 6'1

Fears: Unknown

Alliance: Careers (If they accept him on Day 3), Nobody (if he isn't accepted on Day 3.).