Anne Flinch
Better Ann
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Female
Height 5'2
Weapon Sickle, Sword
Fate Alive


Name: Anne Flinch

Gender: Female

District: 9

Age: 14

Weapon: Sickle, Sword

Appearance: Anne is very pretty, with blonde hair and pretty eyes.

Strengths/skills: Anne is great at swimming, and an expert on freediving. She can hold her breath up to 3 minutes.

Weakness(es): Anne is scared of giant spiders, like tarantulas.

Personality: Anne is very nice, adorable, and lovable, always being the best she can be. 

Backstory/History: Anne's mom gave birth to her underwater, during the flood of District 9. This most likely influenced why Anne loved to swim so much. She enjoyed snorkeling and freediving, diving to the bottom of the pond on one breath. She got a scuba tank for her 12th birthday, and went scuba diving. She challenged herself to be a good breathholder, and had great times. One day though, she got tangled in her father's fishing net. She couldn't escape, and her scuba tank ran out of air. She screamed for help and hit the net, but it didn't work. She even took off her swim mask, trying to get someone's attention by waving it. Luckily, someone noticed bubbles rapidly appearing on the surface. She was rescued.

Interview Angle: She'll be cheery.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will try to get what she needs before she runs off.

Games Strategy: She will hide out in the water.

Token: None

Height: 5'2

Fears: Large Spiders

Alliance: Eli, Eliza
Anne Flinch Underwater

Her underwater.


  • Her swim mask color is turquoise.
  • Her hair color is blonde (when underwater it's brown)
  • Her eye color is hazel.
  • She can hold her breath for 3 minutes.