Anais is a tribute made by Pippycat and part of her upcoming season 2 of tributes, please don't use her without permission unless you want to find out the extent of my dark side (jk. But ask permission first.) ;3

Anais Morrisa
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Female
Height 5'10
Weapon Warhammer, dagger, bow and arrow
Fate N/A
Appearances N/A
Mentioned N/A
Portrayed by Purple-haired girl

Her real life picture and lunaii will soon be on the hunger games roleplaying wiki, too, so don't take them!


Name: Anais Alina Morrisa

Age: 16

District: 1

Gender: Female

Weapons: Warhammer, dagger, bow and arrow

Strengths: TBA

Weaknesses: TBA

Personality: TBA

Appearance: -->

Alliance: Her sister, but if they are not in the games together, than the careers.


Anais was born in the Capitol along with her twin sister Carmine Morrisa. The two were told not to volunteer for the Hunger Games, but they hated their life in the Capitol, always being told what to do. So they ran away, trying to get to District 2 where they could train for the games. But they were caught by Peacekeepers and taken seperate ways. Anais' destination was supposed to be District 3, but she managed to escape to District 1, where she trained for the Hunger Games. She volunteered at age 16, and was unexpectedly reuinted with her sister. In the Games.


I have weird music. x3 But the song has a flute in it which makes it so much more awesome! :D
Xandria - Sisters of the light

Xandria - Sisters of the light

Anais was partly inspired by a song, with a similar title to her sister's song. Anais is the "Sister of the Light" and Carmine is the "Daughter of Darkness".

Lyrics that inspired her the most:

"Follow me through the night, we are sisters of the light, we are daughters of sin." "We are wild, we are free." "Through the darkness, sisters, follow me!" "Sisters of the light."

Songs Credits:

Title: Sisters of the Light

Artist: Xandria

Lyric Video by: Kanal von Maddie2277