Amy Oceania
Amber RLL
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 4
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weapon Trident, Dagger, Net
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
Portrayed by Nittuska
"You hurt me, or my friends, I'll give you one gift. Death."
―Amy Oceania[src]

Amy Oceania is a tribute who is a fan of masquerade. She normally wears the one in her lunaii picture, and when swimming, the one in her real life picture.

Amy Oceania

Amy in her normal look.

Tribute infoEdit

Name: Amy Oceania

Gender: Female

District: 4

Age: 15

Weapon: Trident, Dagger, Net

Appearance: Amy Oceania is a girl with some green in her blonde hair, wearing a green tanktop and green fingerless gloves. She wears a masquerade mask as seen in her lunaii. When unmasked, she's got a cute face. 

Strengths/skills: Amy is very skilled in combat, especially with a trident. Her combat efficency triples in water. She is very fast, running very well and having high stamina for doing it longer. She is excellent swimmer, holding her breath for up to 3 minutes and swimming very quick. Her lightweightness proves her as a good climber.

Weakness(es): Amy is scared of fire. She is very afraid of maggots, running at the site of them. She is also merciful to young 13 and 12 year olds.

Personality: Amy is very sweet and kind, and shy at the same time. 

Backstory/History: Amy is a very cute girl, with her blonde hair with green in it. She put on a green mask as seen in her lunaii, making her look mysterious. Many didn't recognize her, often having to wait to hear her voice. She only took off her mask when she was about to swim (which she replaced with one seen in the RL pic). Though her love, a charming boy, always was wanting to know what was behind the mask. The two talked and walked on the beach, until one day, she revealed her cute face to him. He smiled, and the two started to date. They went fishing with tridents, and he helped her fish. She learned using the trident. On reaping day, she walked into the crowd. Her name was called. She walked up, and the escort asked her to take off her mask. She didn't, and went on.

Interview Angle: She will be mysterious.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will run in or swim in, and try to achieve a trident.  She will be cautious and take down threats by sneak attacks.

Games Strategy: She will stick with the careers. 

Token: Her masks (one in Real life photo, one in lunaii).

Height: 5'3

Fears: Fire, Maggots

Alliance: Careers

Games she was inEdit


Amy unmasked


  • 9fh2g

    Her gasping for air

    She nearly drowned once, as in her gif, she is releasing air all the way until she surfaces gasping for air.