Amber Stone

Her Lunaii

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Name: Amber Stone

Gender: Female

District: 14 (5)

Age: 15

Weapon: Battle ax, long sword, hunting knife

Appearance: She stands at 5'7, and is pretty. She has long brown hair and scarlet eyes.

Strengths/skills: Amber is the best at taming mutts in the arena to do her bidding. She is very deadly in combat, especially with her preferred weapons. She is also very intelligant.

Weakness(es): She can't swim, she can't climb, and she cannot make a trap.

Personality: She is very quiet and cute.

Backstory/History: Amber grew up in District 14 and learned how to create mutts and tame them. She was very good, but when more and more people she knew got reaped, she became fearful. She tried to get away, but she fell in deep water and couldn't swim. She nearly drowned, if not for a mutt she had tamed. As her age grew, the more fearful she became. She took no tesserae, when her younger brother was reaped and died on the second day of the games. She was reaped the next year, and she put on a brave face.

Interview Angle: Be adorable

Bloodbath Strategy: Try to grab on of the three prefferred weapons.

Games Strategy: Tame as many mutts as possible, then go tribute hunting.

Token: Ruby

Height: 5'7

Fears: Drowning

Alliance: Mutts she tames

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