District 12 - Aimee Blair

Aimee Blair by Pippycat

Aimee Blair is a tribute made up by Pippycat. Please don't use her without Pippycat's permission or claim her as your own. Thank you.


Name: Aimee Leanne Blair

Age: 12

Gender: Female

District: 12

Weapons: Throwing knives, daggar

Personality: Aimee is shy and quiet, and never really says anything or speaks her mind. She keeps to herself, and is afraid of being judged or hated, and always does what she is told. She always seems worried, but no one ever actually knows how she really is on the inside. She will talk to you only if she has to, and even then she is quiet and uses as little words as possible. She always wears white, which leads some people of her District to think she is a ghost, others think she is an angel. She wants to be the picture of perfection.

However, a life of hiding herself and being in solitude has led her to develop a dark side. She kept all of her anger in, which made her easy to irritate, but told herself to keep it in. She hates almost everyone, and has a knife she keeps hidden in her room to throw at the wall when she is angry at someone, which, of course, is every night.

Games Participated InEdit

None, yet. :3